What’s new on the Socrates platform? 20/01/24

3 min readJan 20, 2024


January has been a big month for Socrates! Behind the scenes, our team has been listening to your feedback and working hard to roll out new features and products that meet your needs. Following recent additions like the Pop Quiz and Pioneer Pen, we’re continuing the improvements this week by streamlining the login process, changing the Pop Quiz feature rewards algorithm, and adding SOC to our wallet.

And what’s more, our user base has been growing rapidly too — we’ve just reached 500,000 downloads on the Google Play store!

Optimised login and registration process

We’ve improved the registration and login process, streamlining the user interface and process by removing unnecessary steps that made the sign-up process more complex. When signing up, you now have the option to use your email to sign up, or can create a Magic.Link wallet later on in the process. The Magic.Link wallet allows users to seamlessly create a web3 wallet, without having to remember seed phrases and passcodes. Here, they can link to DEX and CEX to easily purchase points.

And don’t worry, if you’re already using us and have linked your non-custodial MetaMask or Trust Wallet to us, you don’t need to worry or do anything and your funds are still safe.

Pop Quiz algorithm change

We recently launched our Pop Quiz feature, and it’s already proved hugely popular! In fact, in a single day on the 19th Jan, over 170,000 questions have been posted there, with a total of nearly $4.5 million worth of points up for grabs by users!

The idea of this feature was to allow people to quickly earn rewards by creating a multiple-choice Q&A that closes after only 5–30 mins. The question creator chooses the correct answer at the start, and the participant must guess what the creator chose in order to win the prize, otherwise the participant must pay a certain amount of points to the creator.

We’ve made some changes to the algorithm that determines rewards, meaning that the platform now charges a 2.5% transaction fee, which will slightly affect the winner’s net rewards, whether that be the question creator or the participant. See the new algorithms below:

SOC added to Socrates wallet

We’re excited to announce that we have now added SOC to the in-app wallet. This means that you can store all the SOC you’ve been airdropped within the Socrates app. You’ll be able to view this by heading to the top right hand corner of your app and clicking the wallet button.

Remember, you only have a few days left to take part in the Light of Debate Season 1 SOC airdrop, which is closing on the 21st January! All you have to do is earn as many points as possible, whether that’s by asking & answering questions, or providing a reason for your answers, where everyone that participated during the campaign will be able to claim SOC from the airdrop from the 31st January. And we’re excited to let you know that points earned by users from the Pop Quiz will also now be included in their ranking on the Leaderboard! And we will also support the ability for you to claim these airdrops from within the app — a more simple process to receive those rewards!

Sign up or login and start debating on app.socrates.com now!




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