From Seeking Collective Consensus in Voting to Mutual Understanding: Introduction to the Pop Quiz on Socrates Platform

4 min readJan 12, 2024

Socrates, the world’s first debate2earn social media platform, has sparked meaningful debates and provided rewards amongst users. Whether through creating questions, voting, or providing reasoning, these interactions form the core of discussions, fostering a community that values diverse perspectives and encourages critical thinking. We appreciate the valuable feedback from our customers, recognising that we were perceived as overly focused on the “Social” and not adequately centred on “Fi”. In response to this, we have introduced the Pop Quiz — a more engaging and straightforward debate for users to earn rewards!

Traditional debates: freedom of choice amidst unanswered questions

The core of the Socrates Platform lies in debates often revolving around questions with no standardised answers, allowing participants to freely show their beliefs through creating question, voting, liking comments and writing reasons for selected options. While not indicative of the sole correct answer, this format created an atmosphere conducive to the collision of ideas. Based on these debates, we have created different prizes to encourage users to showcase their perspectives.

New innovative feature: the birth of the Pop Quiz

However, we believe that sometimes answers could be defined by the creators of the questions. To address this, we proudly introduce a novel feature — Pop Quiz! Now, creators can customise questions with 2–4 options and define their own answers, such as “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When a question creator initiates a question, they have the ability to specify the required point injection (X) for participants when answering the question. The initial cost for the question creator to generate a question is Y, which is equivalent to X multiplied by a parameter configured by the backend. The parameter increases as more options are created, resulting in a higher cost. Additionally, the creator can set a time limit for the question, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.

If the question creator believes that the chicken came first, then chicken is the answer! However, as an platform for democracy and freedom, Socrates welcomes challenges from anyone! That is, participants have up to 5–30 minutes to choose an answer to a Pop Quiz question. Once the participant selects the answer, they cannot change it, and the correct answer (determined by the question creator) is revealed instantly. Once the question being answered, the question will be closed.

Details of innovative reward mechanism

The Pop Quiz, with its unique reward mechanism, adds an exciting layer to the platform, prompting users to thoughtfully consider their responses and foster strategic thinking in question creation. In this innovative setup, if the participant chose wrong, they lose the points contributed (determined by the question creator at the start) when answering the question, adding to the question creator’s total rewards. In other words, an incorrect answer by a user results in a loss of X, representing their cost for answering the question. On the flip side, providing the correct answer not only allows users to recover their spending (X) but also earns them an additional reward (Y) from the question creator. This reward encompasses the cost for answering the question (X) and the cost set by the question creator (Y).

In cases where no participant answers the question correctly before it closes, Y is returned to the question creator. Additionally, the creator receives the points spent by the user who attempted but chose the wrong answer (that is, the X). However, when a question is answered correctly, the question creator incurs a loss of Y. This intricate mechanism is designed to maintain the platform’s dynamism and engagement for all participants, combining elements of both the “Social” and “Fi” aspects to create a holistic and immersive experience for users.

Outlook for a new society: mutual understanding and reflection

This one-on-one rapid debate format prompts individuals to reflect on their own thoughts while encouraging them to speculate and contemplate the thought processes of others. It’s simply a reflection of our daily lives, isn’t it? Through this interaction, we anticipate that society will attain greater mutual understanding, respect, and progress. On the Socrates platform, discourse transcends mere debate; it becomes a journey of collective growth. By utilising this platform, we can delve deeper into various perspectives, break free from cognitive constraints, and collaboratively shape a more open and innovative society.

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