NFT Pioneer Pens and the Marketplace Revolution

4 min readJan 12, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the official transformation of our SBT Pens into NFT Pioneer Pens, signifying an important milestone in empowering our users with increased flexibility in customising their tools — the NFT Pioneer Pen. In tandem with this groundbreaking innovation, we’re excited to introduce the Pioneer Pen Marketplace. This platform not only enables users to purchase NFT Pioneer Pens but also offers them an exciting opportunity to engage in selling these unique digital assets. This initiative adds an extra layer of “Social-Fi” experience, creating a dynamic and interactive community for our users. Now, let’s explore how this marketplace works.

A comprehensive platform for Pen management and trading

On the Socrates homepage, you can find the “Marketplace” option in the navigation menu on the left. The marketplace is divided into two tabs:

Marketplace: In this section, users can seamlessly explore a diverse collection of NFT Pioneer Pens and make purchases. By utilising the filter by price range and level, users can quickly find specific Pen models that match their preferences. This tab provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience for discovering and acquiring unique NFT Pens.

My Pens: In the “My Pens” tab, users can overview the Pioneer Pens they currently own. This section offers a convenient way for users to manage and keep track of their NFT Pen collection. Whether it’s monitoring their unique Pens or preparing Pens for sale, the “My Pens” tab provides a comprehensive overview of their owned Pens. (Please note that the number of votes and earning coefficients is only determined by the highest-level Pioneer Pen, regardless of how many Pioneer Pens you hold)

NFT Pens — trading in 1 click

Purchase NFT Pens: Users can securely acquire NFT Pioneer Pens through the Marketplace. Having a Pioneer Pen allows users to start with their Socrates journey. Each Pen is accompanied by a unique NFT identifier ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity. Users can find more details such as Pen owner, level, coefficient (with potential for additional attributes in the future). Upon choosing a desired pen, users simply click “Purchase,” authorise the transaction in their wallet, and confirm the transaction after reviewing details such as gas fees and contract information. This streamlined process enables users to own an unmistakably unique NFT Pen.

Trading: Facilitating easy and efficient trading, users can trade their NFT Pens on the Marketplace, offering a diversified asset management strategy and promoting community interaction and collaboration. In the “My Pen” section of the Marketplace, users can view the Pens they possess (and additional tabs showing for sales and sold aviable in app version). With a single click on “Sell,” users can set a price ranging from 0 to 1,000,000 USDT. Detailed information, including the creator’s earnings percentage and expected earnings, is dynamically updated on the page for user review. Upon submission, the Pen is listed for sale in the market. Prior to the Pen’s official sale, users can manage, dislist the listing, instantly adjusting the price by clicking “Manage” in the “My Pen” section. This process ensures a seamless and user-friendly trading experience for NFT Pens.

Transfer your Pen

In addition to managing your Pioneer Pens in the Marketplace, your Pioneer Pen and Genesis Pen will be displayed in your profile. You can also view Pen information in your wallet. The highest-level Pioneer Pen is shown by default, and the voting and earning coefficients is determined solely by the highest-level Pioneer Pen. You can click ‘All’ to view all your Pioneer Pens. By clicking ‘Transfer’ and entering someone else’s wallet address, you can easily transfer pens to others. Please note that if a Pen is already listed for sale in the marketplace, it cannot be transferred. This innovative approach not only emphasises the social nature of the product but also empowers users to actively participate, connect, and exchange both ideas and assets within the community.

Socrates promises to infuse more SocialFi elements into the platform, enhancing user interactions and diversifying rewarding methods for a more vibrant community. Stay tuned as we unveil additional Pen attributes and exciting new social features, enriching the platform’s dynamics.

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