Incoming Wave: Join another round of Airdrop!

3 min readDec 21, 2023

Last week marked a significant milestone as we unveiled our governance tokens (SOC), initiating the first Genesis Airdrop. The first Genesis airdrop was to extend our sincere gratitude to the early supporters who actively participated in this historic event — have you claimed yours yet? : )

Recognizing that some users may have missed the initial product launch, we’ve observed a surge in enthusiasm and engagement within platform discussions in recent days. It has come to our attention that more users are joining this ever-growing community.

In response to this vibrant and expanding user base, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Light of Debate: Season 1 Airdrop, set to commence on 21st December and extend for just a month. This airdrop is our way of expressing gratitude to users deeply involved in the platform, regardless of when they joined the community.

How it works:

During the event period, from 11 am UTC on 21st December 2023 to 11 am UTC on 21st January 2024, every actively participating user has the potential to receive the airdrop. We will calculate the total points earned by each user during this period and update the Airdrop User Rankings on the leaderboard daily. This allows you to track your progress and see how close you are to securing the airdrop. These points not only recognise your active involvement but also signify your valuable contribution to the community, ensuring a fair distribution of airdrop and clear encouragement for users to continue their dedicated participation.

As this event is designed to honour and reward your commitment to the Socrates platform, whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, your contributions matter, and you stand a chance to be rewarded accordingly.

Calculation method for Airdrop quota:

The airdrop quota will be calculated based on the proportion of points earned during the campaign period. Simply put, the more points you accumulate, the higher your SOC claim from the airdrop. This direct reward system aims to recognise and encourage active participation and contribution.

Airdrop Claim Time:

Airdrop SOC can be claimed starting from 11 am UTC on 31st January 2024.

How to Climb the Leaderboard:

There are several ways to earn more points during the event period:

  1. Become a Question Creator: Post attractive questions that encourage interaction. The more users you attract, the larger the Question Creator Prize you can receive. (We’ve prepared some useful tips for you to create potentially trending questions! Check them out here )
  2. Participate in Trending Questions: Trending questions have a larger prize pool, thanks to the allocation of 50% of the platform’s revenue from minted Pens and large user engagement. Participating in trending questions opens an opportunity for you to earn more points.
  3. Vote for Questions with Bonus Packages: When voting for a question with an available bonus package, you can earn extra points effortlessly. So, keep an eye out for the question with the zero-cost bonus packages ! Read more details about how bonus packages work here)
  4. Own Higher-Level NFT Pioneer Pen and NFT Genesis Pens: Boost your reward coefficient by owning higher-level NFT Pioneer Pen and Genesis Pens. This allows you to share more points when allocating different prizes.
  5. Support Questions: Take advantage of the zero-risk reward system by supporting questions. If the question becomes trending, you receive rewards; if not, you get back the points spent on supporting the question. So why not open up more opportunities to earn points without the risk!
  6. Share with Friends: Sharing Socrates with friends allows you to receive points as referral incentives. The more you share, the more points you accumulate.
  7. Stay Active in the Community: Stay updated on interesting topics and engage frequently. The more you participate — voting, providing reasons for your answers, and supporting valuable questions — the more points you earn. This is an undeniable truth!

Seize the moment, embrace the discussions, and make the most of this rewarding experience on Socrates. Your commitment is valued, and we look forward to celebrating your success in the upcoming Airdrop. Happy engaging!

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