Introducing Light of Debate Season 2: 5 Million SOC Airdrop — Elevate Your Experience with Socrates!

2 min readJan 30, 2024

Welcome to the next thrilling phase of the Socrates community! Celebrating the phenomenal success of our new feature launch and the conclusion of Light of Debate Season 1, we are ecstatic to unveil Light of Debate Season 2, featuring a massive 5 Million SOC Airdrop. This season is not just a continuation of our journey; it’s a leap into an arena of enhanced features and expanded opportunities for our users to engage, contribute, and earn substantial rewards.

What’s New in Season 2:

With the introduction of exhilarating features like Pop Quiz, 1 vs. 100, and Peak Duel, Season 2 presents myriad pathways for users to accumulate points and ascend the Airdrop Leaderboard. These innovative additions are designed not only to intensify your engagement but also to share a generous pool of 5 million SOC tokens among our active participants.

Airdrop Event Details:

  • Duration: The Airdrop calculation period extends from January 30, 11:00 AM to March 30, 11:00 AM (UTC+0). Points earned through various interactive activities on Socrates during this period, such as participating in pop quizzes, peak duels, asking questions, voting, commenting, liking, etc., will be considered. The points each user earns compared to others will be reflected on the Airdrop Leaderboard, showcasing the dynamic and ongoing achievements of our users.
  • Reward Structure: The Airdrop pool totals an impressive 5 million SOC tokens. Rewards will be proportionally distributed based on each user’s points earned during the event period relative to the total points earned by all participants during the event.

The points you garner are a testament to your active involvement and valuable contributions to the Socrates community. Our fair and transparent system ensures that your efforts are appropriately rewarded, motivating continued and dedicated participation.

More Exciting Opportunities Ahead:

Light of debate season 2 airdrop is more than just a rewards program; it’s a celebration of our evolving and vibrant community. Looking ahead, we plan to launch additional socialization features such as one-to-one personal messaging and knowledge-sharing functionalities with reward options in the future. These new features will provide users with an array of choices to develop their Game Strategy and earn rewards. This second season’s Airdrop is just a stepping stone. As our product continues to evolve, we will introduce even more Airdrop opportunities. So, dive into the various activities, earn points, and secure your share of the 5 million SOC tokens! Let’s surpass the success of Season 1 and make Season 2 an even more remarkable journey.

Join us now and start earning!




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