The 360° Debate-to-Earn Ecosystem: 8 Ways to Earn Rewards on Socrates

5 min readJan 24, 2024

In the past month, we’ve been significantly upgrading the user experience, features and rewards. You’ve probably seen the huge number of changes we’ve made, from the Pioneer Pen to the Pop Quiz, with an ambition of creating a 360° Debate2Earn ecosystem within Socrates.

This diverse instant rewards ecosystem allows users to engage in meaningful discussions through multiple-choice Q&As, and have the potential to earn large rewards through a multitude of approaches. We’re combining the best elements of GameFi and SocialFi, empowering users with freedom of expression and the ability to share their unique opinion whilst receiving a diverse range of rewards.

Users can participate in our web3 platform by creating intriguing questions and by strategically participating in debates. Here, earning “rewards” comes in various forms, including those from points earned through different prizes, which can be easily redeemed 1:1 for USDT. Additionally, users can receive tokens (SOC) from airdrops or trade NFT Pioneer Pens on the in-app trading marketplace. The platform provides a non-traditional social experience, encouraging active user participation in discussions and rewarding them for their valuable contributions.

What are the 8 parts of the 360° Debate2Earn Ecosystem?

Create interesting questions:

Ask interesting questions on the Socrates platform to attract more people to interact with it. Popular questions have a higher likelihood of being selected as trending topics, bringing with them larger prize pools. This means that the question creator will not only share 5% of the total points in the prize pool awarded to prize winners, but will receive an additional trending bonus!

Answer questions and participate in debates:

Actively participate in answering questions, thereby securing an opportunity to claim a portion of the Discussion Prize. This straightforward engagement can be carried out at your convenience, offering flexibility in participation. The distribution of the prize pool takes into account various factors such as the number of participants, timing of votes, voting rates, and the impact of owning a higher level Pioneer Pen or Genesis Pen. Regular participation allows the development of distinctive voting strategies that enhance user’s chances of receiving rewards.

Provide reasons and like other’s reasons:

Acknowledge the depth of reasoning behind each chosen answer by providing thoughtful explanations when casting your votes. Regardless of the length of your rationale, whether concise or detailed, leaving an insightful explanation or highlighting your supported reason presents an opportunity to qualify for the Reason Prize. Moreover, if you come across a reason that you want to support, go ahead and like it! Another prize, the Likes Prize, is available, and you might be able to earn it. This approach encourages users to contribute meaningful insights, fostering a culture of thoughtful engagement and further enriching the platform’s content and discussions.

Engage in the zero-cost Support Prize:

You have the opportunity to allocate points to endorse your favourite questions. This action not only encourages those questions to ascend to the status of trending questions but also opens up the potential for you to earn additional rewards. By actively supporting questions, you play a role in shaping the discourse and elevating intriguing discussions within the community. The mechanics of this award are designed to be user-friendly — points injected into a question that doesn’t achieve trending status are returned. This not only ensures that users can participate in the Support Prize with confidence but also adds dynamism to the platform by contributing to the vitality of trending discussions.

Keep an eye on the Pop Quiz feature:

These questions exist for up to 30 minutes and have definitive answers, which is decided by the question creator. When you choose the correct answer, you immediately receive a reward, and this reward is exclusively yours, not shared with others! For the question creator, they can get points from users that select the wrong answer. It’s a fast-paced and exciting debate feature!

Make your Pioneer Pen unique and trade it:

On Socrates, there are two types of NFTs — the Pioneer Pen, and the Genesis Pen. Users need to purchase a Pioneer Pen to embark on the debate2earn journey. The Pen has three levels with different voting coefficients affecting the rewards allocation. Through various Q&A interactions, you can shape the uniqueness of your Pen. In other words, each Pen contains multiple attributes influencing the award distribution mechanism. You can establish your own debate strategy, making your pen more distinctive and valuable. Later, you can sell this pen at the price you want on the Socrate in-app market place!

Hold an NFT Genesis Pen:

Obtaining the exclusive NFT Genesis Pens, whether through special airdrops or OpenSea, enhances your Socrates experience with increased rewards and unique privileges. The Genesis Pens boost your share of reward distribution, ensuring higher prize pool-sharing compared to standard pens. Genesis Pen holders can also enjoy a designated quota for free question support, offering a cost-free path to potentially win Support Prizes. The rarity of the Genesis Pen not only adds prestige but makes it a strategic asset for additional reward earnings

Active participation for SOC Light of Season 1 Airdrop:

Socrates has launched its governance token, SOC. The SOC Light of Season 1 airdrop allocation is based on the proportion of points users earned during the campaign period — the current Season 1 leaderboard is open until the 31st January! In simple terms, the more points you accumulate through active engagement on the platform, the more SOC you can claim from the airdrop. This direct reward system aims to recognise and encourage active participation and contribution. You can quickly view your earned SOC on the leaderboard rankings if you are among the top 500 points winners during the campaign period. But don’t worry, there will be more airdrop activities in the future. The SOC can also be bought and sold on DEX.

As we explore this 360° Debate2Earn ecosystem, it becomes clear that Socrates is not just a platform; it’s a dynamic community where engagement, expression, and thoughtful participation are not only recognised but also richly rewarded. It’s a space where users can shape their own strategies, earn rewards, and contribute to the vitality of discussions. Socrates redefines the social platform experience, making every interaction a meaningful and rewarding journey.

You can join the Socrates community online, or download the app on Google Play and Testflight.




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