Socrates Embarks on a New Chapter of Ideological Reconstruction: Crafting a Social Media Platform in the AI and Web3 Era

4 min readApr 13, 2024

A new form of business civilization is underway. Over the past decade, the internet has disrupted the business norms and orders of traditional industries. In the near future, blockchain technology could reconstruct an entirely new world. At the outset of their entrepreneurial journey, Socrates’ founder and his team reached a consensus — they hoped to awaken more minds and consciousness by taking practical actions in this greatest human transformation, and collectively propel the progress of human civilisation, and this is where the story of Socrates begins.

After more than a year of exploration and integration, Socrates has undergone a significant transformation from 0 to 1, demonstrating dialectical product logic. The “Peak Duel” product prototype symbolized that the company has successfully translated complex philosophical ideas into practical product models. This time, armed with the ultimate contemplation of “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?”, the founder and his team embarked on the journey to redesign Socrates.

The Socrates brand upgrade and product redesign is expected to be completed by June. The refreshingly new Socrates is positioned as a social media platform in the era of AI and Web3, which promotes the critical thinking approach to all information and encourages humanity to view the world critically. The function of the Socrates product lies in inspiring individuals to engage in critical thinking on a range of issues. The product aims to counteract the biased and extreme viewpoints common in mainstream social media’s approach to societal problems, and seeks to propel human society towards a more rational, inclusive, equal, and open direction. Furthermore, it harnesses collective wisdom to expand the boundaries of human thinking. Socrates aspires to showcase individuals’ diverse perspectives, votes, choices, and debates on different issues to the world. In doing so, Socrates aims to promote mutual understanding and inclusivity amongst individuals, nationalities, and countries. They believe this will foster healthy competition and lasting peace in human society, thereby contributing to the exploration of new forms of civilization for humanity.

Combining the wisdom, first principles, and critical thinking of ancient Socrates with blockchain technology and social media is undoubtedly innovative and challenging. But Socrates’ founder believes that in today’s highly competitive global social media landscape, where product features have reached their peak, a neglected gap lies in the fact that most media platforms rely on algorithms to unilaterally push information to users. This results in users being passively fed information without the ability to choose their information flow, thereby exacerbating the trend towards societal polarisation. The value of social media lies in advocating for users to actively participate in the process of critically thinking and voting on information and letting users decide what information they need. This approach can promote a more balanced and diverse exchange of information.

As the next-generation social media platform that is revolutionizing the way content is produced online, the redesigned Socrates will offer a broad spectrum of content formats, including short videos and texts, to enable users to participate in debates and express their opinions in more diverse ways than before. More excitingly, Socrates will also introduce live streaming, allowing users to instantly jump into discussions on trending topics and to communicate and share with friends. It will bridge Web2 and Web3 by developing a super-app that facilitates the flow of people, information and money.

Socrates is now building a brand new platform that integrates interaction, debate, and socialization. It employs AI to reshape the way people connect through technological innovation and user-centered product design. By unleashing unlimited creativity with limited resources, Socrates will definitely lead social media into a new era. The team believes that AI technology is not only a representative of technological revolution but also a symbol of humanity’s progress from old civilization to new. With the help of AI, Socrates will reimagine the future of social media.

Socrates’ vision is to “Explore the power of technology to reshape the world and contribute to the exploration of a new human civilization”. When asked about what Socrates ‘s future will really be, the founder replied, “Even if the vision seems unreachable, if there are ideas and initial paths, we should do our best. Great companies are often seen as unrealistic before they are established, but it is this spirit of leading rather than following that shapes revolutionary products and services. Socrates’ mission is to let the world see different options. We aim not only to be a market leader but also to be an engine that drives the mind forward. That is what brings us together to witness this historic moment.”




Socrates is an AI and web3 social media platform. We stand as a brand dedicated to fostering intellectual exchange and social development.