Socrates: A simple path to rewarding knowledge

3 min readNov 14, 2023

TLDR: Socrates is a web3 Q&A platform, incentivizing users for participating in knowledge-sharing. With just a few steps to get equipped and engaged in Q&As, you have the opportunity to earn rewards.

Socrates is a web3 Q&A app that seamlessly combines elements of SocialFi and GameFi, where knowledge is not only encouraged but also rewarded. Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, offering users an easy and engaging way to participate in discussions and have the chance to earn rewards. In just three straightforward steps, you can become a part of the Socrates community and unlock the potential to receive exciting prizes.

Step 1: Getting equipped

To kickstart your journey with Socrates, all you need to do is get equipped. Sign up, mint your Pioneer Pen, and purchase some points to get started. We’ve made it effortless for you by supporting various blockchains, allowing you to seamlessly connect your crypto wallet and become a Socrates user.NFT Genesis Pens can be randomly obtained when purchasing Pioneer Pens and will provide you more benefits. You can purchase an NFT Genesis Pen on other platforms such as Opensea, which gives you the chance to earn more rewards on the platform. This initial step is the gateway to a world of knowledge and interaction

Step 2: Participation in Q&As

Once you’re equipped, you can move on to the heart of the platform — participating in questions and answers. Whether you choose to create a question, vote for answers, provide reasons, like reasons, or support questions, your active engagement contributes to the platform’s vibrancy. Every question on Socrates can have a defined time limit, creating a sense of urgency and excitement. While it’s true that every interaction consumes a small amount of points, there’s no need to worry. Your small point investment, combined with active participation in Q&As, can potentially yield more rewards.

Step 3: Earning the prize

Real magic happens when the discussion ends, and it’s time to distribute the rewards! There are five types of prizes that you can earn, and each adds to the excitement:

  1. Creator Prize: Question creators are guaranteed to receive a share of the prize pool, and the more people that engage with a question, the higher the potential rewards become. For further details, please refer to this article.
  2. Discussion Prize: Voting for an answer to a question also offers you a chance to earn a prize. You can find more information in our previous article, which provides detailed insights into how this works.
  3. Reason Prize: We encourage you not only to answer but also to express your viewpoints. Offering reasons for your chosen answer can also lead to rewards. For more information, check out this article.
  4. Likes Prize: Supporting others’ reasons with likes adds an extra layer of competition, making the discussions even more vibrant. This activity is also deserving of rewards, and you can find additional details in this article.
  5. Support Prize: You can take it a step further by adding additional points to support your favourite questions, encouraging them to become trending topics and potentially earning you more rewards. More information is available in this article.

How fantastic is that? It’s so simple, isn’t it? Socrates is designed to be an easily accessible platform that you can participate in at any time. And these prizes significantly enhance the Socrates experience by rewarding active engagement and adding to the platform’s excitement! Whether you’re looking for inspiration to ask a question or simply want to engage in quick moments of discussion, there’s a place for every idea and opinion. Each thought you share holds value on our platform.

Join today and be a part of the knowledge revolution!

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Your thoughts, questions, and opinions are more valuable than you think. So, equip yourself, participate actively, and start winning with Socrates!




Socrates is an AI and web3 social media platform. We stand as a brand dedicated to fostering intellectual exchange and social development.