Pop Quiz 1 vs. 100: A New Dimension of Interactive Debating on Socrates

3 min readJan 30, 2024

Remember the buzz and intellectual stimulation of our Pop Quiz? Your enthusiasm and insightful feedback have been the driving forces behind our evolution. Now, prepare to amplify that experience with our groundbreaking updated version of Pop Quiz: Pop Quiz 1 vs. 100. Imagine a debate where more users can engage with a single question, each voice contributing to a richer, more diverse understanding. With 1 vs. 100, we’re scaling up this experience, inviting more minds to contribute, debate, and learn together. That’s the promise of 1 vs. 100!

Understanding Pop Quiz 1 vs. 100

This new iteration of our popular game elevates the interactive and time-sensitive nature of the original Pop Quiz to an entirely new level. While maintaining the thrilling pace, 1 vs. 100 introduces the dynamic of a larger playing field. Creators can now craft their own questions and answers, set the question validity time, and determine the number of users who can respond, up to 100 participants. In the competitive arena of Pop Quiz 1 vs 100, it’s a thrilling race against both time and a tide of participants. Each question concludes upon reaching the maximum response limit set by the creator or as the clock winds down, peaking anticipation. This version enhances the challenge beyond the race against time, as players vie in the vast sea of competitors, each striving to be the quickest to the draw, adding an exhilarating layer of strategy and speed to the intellectual contest.

Rewards and Engagement

At Socrates, where SocialFi meets GameFi, the reward system benefits both quiz creators and successful challengers. Learning becomes thrillingly rewarding. To create a quiz, a creator must allocate points to formulate the question. This allocation, denoted as X, is the cost for responders to participate. The creator’s investment, Y, is calculated using the formula: Y = X * n * reward multiplier, with n representing the number of options. The reward multiplier, configured in the backend, escalates with more options. Once creators set the cost and options, the UI displays the required points. The points from creators and responders form the question pool, which dictates the rewards distribution. The algorithm for rewards operates as follows: users who answer correctly receive X * reward multiplier * (1 — platform commission ratio — questioner’s commission ratio) + X. The questioner’s reward equates to the total prize pool minus the rewards for correct answers and the platform commission.

This design is exceedingly engaging and captivating. For those who answer correctly, the initial points invested not only return, but they also garner additional rewards. Quiz creators experience an even greater thrill if their questions are particularly challenging — with fewer correct responses, the returns can be substantial. This reward mechanism is crafted to inject an extra layer of excitement into your intellectual endeavours on Socrates.

We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the enriching world of Pop Quiz 1 vs. 100. Test your intellect, connect with others, and become an integral part of a vibrant learning ecosystem. Let us collectively navigate the vast ocean of knowledge and perspective, one question at a time. Experience the future of interactive learning with Pop Quiz 1 vs. 100 on Socrates now!

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