Peak Duel — Pinnacle Talks: Unleashing the Power of Collective Debates!

5 min readJan 26, 2024


Debate has always stood as a cornerstone in Socratic philosophy. In the early stages of our product launch, we concentrated on debates with no predetermined answers. Users could freely generate questions and multiple options, while the question creator maintained neutrality. The community then collectively determined the most supported option through voting, accompanied by participants articulating the rationale behind their choices. This fostered an environment for diverse opinions and lively exchanges.

Subsequently, we broadened the scope of debates to encompass one-on-one discussions with the introduction of Pop Quiz. Users could define their perceived standard answers, emphasizing that truth is determined through user judgment. Another user would then validate their stance through a voting-based debate. In response to the user’s tremendous support for these features, we’re excited to introduce new functionalities that build upon the distinctive characteristics of the previous two features. We introduced a novel group debate function and emphasized the uniqueness of a question creator’s stance, unveiling the innovative Peak Duel feature!

How to Participate in Peak Duel:

In Peak Duel debates, participants with Pioneer or Genesis Pen and sufficient points can take on different roles. If you have an intriguing debate topic and firmly believe your perspective is persuasive, you can act as the question creator and the debater.

Create a question in up to 140 characters and select “For” and “Against” sides. Choose one side and provide your arguments in up to 50 words. For example, if the topic is whether human actions contribute to climate change, and you believe they do, you would select the “For” side and state your reasons, such as “Human activities, being the largest emitter of CO2, accelerate global warming.”

Another user interested in the topic and holding a different view can join as the opposing side, selecting “Join the debate” in “Against” as another debater. He must explain why he doesn’t believe human actions cause climate change. Once both sides of debaters are in the debate, other users can express their support for either the “For” or “Against” side through voting. This creates a dynamic and intense debate environment, allowing users to engage passionately and substantiate their viewpoints in an interactive manner.

A Three-Stage Debate Journey

The Matching Stage: Peak Duel operates in three distinct stages, with the initial phase known as “The Matching Stage.” During this stage, questions created by debaters are showcased in the “matching” tab. Other users have the opportunity to join the debate as the opposing side. The matching stage lasts up to 2 days before the debate goes live.

Active / Debate Stage: With the arrival of the opposing side, the debate kicks off, ushering in the Active/Debate Stage. Throughout this period, users can cast their votes in support of either side, all without expending any points. Additionally, participants can introduce an “additional viewpoint” to enrich the discourse. The debater has the authority to set the debate’s duration, ranging from 1 to 7 days. When the debate concludes, the side with the highest vote tally emerges as the victorious one.

Peak Duel presents a dynamic and engaging platform for users to actively participate in spirited debates, passionately defending their viewpoints. Isn’t it exciting? : )

Incentives and Rewards:

Rooted in the principles of SocialFi and GameFi, Socrates incentivizes both winning debater and voters. When initiating a debate, the debater(question creator) invests a specified amount of points (X), and the opposing debater contributing to the discourse also contributes the same amount. This collective investment forms the total prize pool, denoted as 2X. The winning debater is then awarded a prize calculated as (Total Prize Pool — X) * n, with n representing approximately 30%, resulting in the winning debater receiving around 1.3X in rewards.

On the voter side, individuals supporting the winning position share the remaining prize pool (0.7X). The distribution is contingent on the number of votes, and users possess varying voting weights based on their assets. That is to say, different levels of Pioneer Pens and Genesis Pen contribute distinct voting strengths. A user with a Level 1 Pioneer Pen is counted as 1 vote for each cast. For a Level 2 Pioneer Pen, it represents 10 votes; for a Level 3 Pioneer Pen, it equates to 30 votes. Additionally, possessing 1 Genesis Pen translates to 36 votes.(Latest Voting co-efficiency for Peak Duel please see our Whitepaper). Users can hold a maximum of 10 Genesis Pens, and their voting power accumulates proportionally.

For instance, if a debate concludes with a prize pool of 2000(2*1000) points and the For Side receiving 800 votes, the Against side receive 500 votes, a user with 1 Level 1 Pioneer Pen + 2 Genesis Pens supporting the For Side(as winner side) has a voting weight of 73 votes. This user then earns a reward of (1000*70%)/800 * 73 = 63.875 points. Conversely, the winning (For Side) debater receives 1000 * 1.3 = 1300 points.

This incentive structure underscores the significance of active debate initiation, offering substantial rewards to winner debater. However, the design also ensures that not only the winning debater but supporters receive rewards as they foster a fair, engaging, and thought-provoking environment. Furthermore, supporters, notably, have the opportunity to earn rewards without expending any points, promoting inclusivity within the Peak Duel community.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Peak Duel, where debates unfold as a dynamic symphony of diverse perspectives, we find not just a platform but a vibrant community shaping the discourse. As the journey from foundational debates to the innovative Peak Duel unfolds, the passion and engagement of our users have been the driving force. We invite you to be part of this spirited exchange of ideas, where every voice matters, and every viewpoint contributes to the richness of the conversation. Peak Duel isn’t just about debates; it’s about building connections, fostering inclusivity, and rewarding active participation.

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