Introducing Pioneer Pens: Unleashing a More Engaging and Rewarding Debate-to-Earn Adventure

3 min readJan 4, 2024

In the dynamic cosmos of Socrates, the pursuit of wisdom undergoes a transformative shift with the advent of Pioneer Pens on Jan 12nd. Commencing on 11th January, this significant development moves existing ERC-1155 SBT Pens to the ERC-721 Pioneer Pens, bringing the uniqueness and tradability of NFTs to the forefront. Existing users’ SBT Pen will be automatically converted to a Pioneer Pen of the same level, and new users can buy, sell and trade rare Pioneer Pens on the in-app marketplace in USDT, allowing them to embark on the captivating journey of Debate-to-Earn.

Elevating gameplay: The Pioneer Pen difference

Diverging from the previous SBT Pens, Pioneer Pens transcend their role as simply a key to access the game; they are intricately designed tools that unlock a range of possibilities, empowering users to engage in a richer and more diverse gaming experience. The same as the original SBT Pens, Pioneer Pens are categorised into three levels — Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level carries distinct voting coefficients (the number of votes per cast) and reward coefficients (the distribution ratio of bonuses), and higher-level pens offer greater benefits. However, unlike their ERC-1155 standard-based and non-tradable SBT Pen, Pioneer Pens are tradable, and each Pen boasts unique attributes.

Tradable and upgradable Pioneer Pens

Pioneer Pens will all be different, determined by level, attributes, and functionalities. Users can actively influence Pen’s uniqueness and scarcity by participating in platform activities. Activities for upgrading the Pen without tokens will also be implemented . This will help to give each Pen intrinsic value, and reflect its owner’s identity and intellect on our platform as they participate in the debate. With the launch of our in-app trading marketplace, rare Pioneer Pens can be bought and traded by any user.

These changes not only provide flexibility but also lay the foundation for future enhancements, promising additional functionalities and attributes integrated into Pioneer Pens. User can hold multiple Pionner Pen at the same time. That is to say, users can craft unique Debate-to-Earn strategies by leveraging the distinctive features of their Pioneer Pen(s) or combine Pioneer Pens with Genesis Pens for the potential to earn additional rewards.

(*The fee for Pioneer Pen trading is outlined primarily in the white paper.)

Beyond points and Pens; the Pop Quiz

We’re also excited to announce the launch of our Pop Quiz feature soon, part of a series of initiatives by Socrates to establish a 360° instant rewards ecosystem. This will allow users to participate in others’ questions, live for just 30 minutes. The correct answer (according to the question creator) is revealed instantly; if correct, the participant instantly wins the prize and the question closes, but if incorrect, the question creator receives the participants’ points. Users will need a Pen to participate in the Quiz.

The Pioneer Pen experience transcends conventional gaming tools. Users are encouraged to explore new dimensions of gameplay, express distinctive perspectives, and strategise within the Socratic landscape. Envisioning a future where Pioneer Pens become versatile instruments, users can partake in various activities and challenges, influencing the evolving narrative of the Socrates platform.

This shift towards Pioneer Pens introduces a more diverse incentive model, complementing the existing question-and-answer reward mechanism by incorporating the intrinsic value of the pens. The Debate-to-Earn journey beckons — immerse yourself in Socrates with the transformative potential of the Pioneer Pen.

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